From picnic platters to in-house chef prepared meals.

Food Options

Yelverton Continental breakfast supplies stocked in your chalet is $12 p/p per day (min 2 x day order for 2)
Shopping online delivered to your door, by Coles or Woolworths to 118 Roy Road, Metricup. Please advise if you are getting a delivery.
We suggest dropping into the famous Bunbury Farmers Markets the "Ikea of Food" for a great stop for a coffee, bite to eat in their cafe, juice bar, lots local fresh produce, tastings, public toilet, everything from fresh produce to bakery, cheeses, meats, fish, chef prepared meals, flowers and non al-wine. This is a 1 hr drive south to Yelverton Brook. 

Breakfast Options

Yelverton Continental supplies stocked in your chalet.
$12 p/p per day. 

(Note - min order is days for 2)

Yelverton Brook Biodynamic freshly baked bread is $7

Yelverton Brook farm fresh eggs if chickens are laying on request

Yelverton Brook organic fresh fruit in season by the kilo

Private Chef Menu

Please find your Private Chef Menu to download as a PDF document.
Olsen Catering Mob 0407 553 801 or Mob 0407 553 867 

Email gjolsen@wn.com.au 

Phone: 9755 3812 call Grieg and Juliet Olsen.

Chef Prepared Meals

Choose between "The Larder" of IGA River Fresh in Margaret River or "Mealup" in Dunsborough for chef prepared meals, all you have to do is warm & plate for very easy dining... 

Open - 7 days Open - Mon - Sun

IGA River Fresh - Ph (08) 973733 www.riverfresh.com.au

The Larder - Ph (08) 9758 8990 www.larder.biz 

Mealup - Ph (08) 9755 3411 www.mealup.com.au

IGA River Fresh Gourmet Options

IGA River Fresh offers a family run supermarket with Deli Hampers & Platters made to order plus chef prepared meals. Picnic Hampers also available,  24hrs notice is preferred calll 08 97573733 to the Deli Manager theyare happy to make up to your preferences, can start from under $20 for a plate for 2. Delivery option also available to Yelverton Brook.


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